Senior Care for Baby Boomers in Mishawaka, IN

Understanding the difference that senior care by Comfort Keepers makes in the lives of aging adults and their families.

Current numbers show baby boomers fall just beneath 80 million in count. Today, they make up an estimated 20 percent of the U.S. population. By the year 2030, some of the current baby boomers will have passed away, but with increasingly good changes to medications, improved healthcare, and quality of living, many of these adults can live beyond their 70’s or 80’s. In fact, many could possibly go beyond the century mark. Based upon expectations of the National Institute of Health, by the year 2030, almost 65 million Baby Boomers will be somewhere between the ages of 65 and 85. It is expected that almost 15 million of the 65 million will be older than 80 years old


In spite of the rise in senior health, the number of aging adults requiring help with daily activities will steadily increase. In some cases, they will need assistance with dealing with the loss of a loved one or feeling isolated. Short-term senior care will also be in demand, as some seniors will require assistance to recuperate from an illness, injury, or another setback due to age.


Senior Care in Mishawaka, IN

Family members supply a large portion of the senior care that aging adults receive. Caregiving. Org indicates that an estimated 40 million Americans provide some type of in home care for their aging loved ones each day.


Demographics is a contributing challenge for baby boomers when attempting to prioritize senior care. The growing number of seniors happens to be made up of a large number of single seniors. As the growing likeliness of a spouse or life partner passing on and not being able to help with caregiving, Baby Boomers were the initial generation to display a large number of marital break-ups, which lead to divorce.


Surveys taken throughout the country indicate that offspring of divorced parents will likely not be a caregiver for their parents if necessary. Quality senior care is an extraordinary option for elderly people who need assistance with day-to-day activities, but desire to live in their own residence. Comfort Keepers provides quality care to seniors that allow them to reside at home and receive quality care on a schedule that best accommodates their needs.


If a family member is a care provider for their aging loved one, it is extremely rewarding to provide occasional, temporary or permanent relief. Enlist the help of Comfort Keepers professional services to deliver the quality of care that seniors deserve.


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