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Healthy living is directly impacted by the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. It is evident that when people feel their best, they live their best, especially aging adults. Daily living is enhanced by how people feel emotionally, mentally, and physically and being able to interact in social circles encourages them to enjoy life. Aging adults that continue to engage in activities and social events are usually in great physical and emotional health. Many times, when seniors are alone or withdrawn from their usual social groups, it leads to isolation, loneliness and depression. These are common denominators in the cause of failing physical health in aging adults. Research indicates that the social environment of seniors is linked to conflicting medical conditions.


As seniors age and become more familiar with retired living, change can be sudden and most of all, overwhelming. While senior living is a great milestone it also carries certain changes that have an adverse effect. Once the senior years arrive, aging adults begin to realize that while they have time to enjoy life and do the things they love, other friends and family members may be occupied with work, life and other important factors in life. Other discouraging things may also occur such as the loss of a significant other, healthy issues, limited mobility, and other unfortunate contributors that lead to unexpected lifestyle changes. Seniors all over the world usually face one or more of these challenges that cause their physical and emotional health to suffer.


Senior Care in Granger

Comfort Keepers takes a compassionate approach to senior care. We understand the various and changing needs of aging adults and know the positive effects that quality senior care can have on their life. Our approach is one that pairs seniors with caregivers that are efficiently trained in the area of care required by the senior. Seniors assume the primary role in their care because they are the core indicator of their essential needs. Leading a life that permits a quality of social and cognitive engagement allows them to live carefree and independently within their capabilities. Senior care initiatives allow aging adults to interact with a companion, which increases their self-esteem, confidence and sociability.


Comfort Keepers has a team of senior care providers that are dedicated to delivering quality companion services. Customized services are chosen to appropriately match the personality and hobbies of the aging adult with the companion that will better accommodate their lifestyle. This permits seniors and their companions to spend time engaging in social and physical activities they both enjoy. This restores a quality sense of livelihood to the senior and keeps them physically healthy also. Companions share in a variety of activities with seniors such as long walks, scrapbooking, board games, chats and couponing just to name a few.


Comfort Keepers understands that companionship is a contributing factor to happy and healthy living. Unexpected and sudden life changes can easily cause seniors to miss out on those activities and engagements that keep them happy. We are here to restore or prevent the loss of those elements that make senior living worthwhile. Our senior care program is designed with aging adults in mind. To learn more about the importance of compassionate home care that can benefit your family and loved one, contact us today.


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