In Home Care Services in Granger, IN

We provide professional in home care services to your love one

In home care services provided by Comfort Keepers are designed to keep your loved one living at home safely and independently. The type of care offered is not only high-quality industry leading care, but specifically caters to your loved one’s needs. This enables seniors to benefit from the caregiving services at home, and not have to move into an assisted living facility or nursing home.

In Home Care Services in Granger, IN

There are many benefits for seniors who are receiving in home care services. This includes the independence and sense of well-being that caregivers provide in their services to your loved one. All the while, when receiving care your loved one is always in control of what type of care they are receiving and any other details that will further enhance their experience. According to the National Institute of Health, on average, seniors who receive professional care also receive more support and have far more interaction with family and friends than those who have moved into a care facility.

The main reason why seniors and their family seek support through our in home care services is to help in areas of their lives where they are having difficulties. These typical areas of support include light housekeeping, laundry, running errands, medication management, cooking, and transportation. These services are different for every senior, and may be required at different times. Some may only need assistance a few hours a week, while others may need full time 24 hour in home care services. This all depends on your current situation, and what is needed.

A few questions your loved one should ask to decide if they are ready for home care include:

  • Do they need help with daily tasks but desire to remain in their own home?
  • Do they need help getting to and from the store, appointments, or social engagements?
  • Do they need help monitoring or caring for a medical condition or their medication?
  • Do they need help with personal care, including toileting, bathing, grooming, or dressing?
  • Could they use some help preparing healthy, nutritious meals?
  • Would they benefit from social or emotional support?

Even seniors who are still highly active and vibrant, they still can benefit from in home care services available to them. The idea that seniors need to be in a wheelchair, bedridden, or socially isolated to receive care is simply a myth. In truth, seniors with these conditions would most certainly benefit from in home care support, but tens of millions of other seniors could maximize their independence and quality of life by receiving support before their condition ever gets to that point. If you would like to talk to one of our professionals about our care, contact us today, or call us at (574)-208-6702.

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